Feline Love

My love for cats began when I was in grade school. My very first kitten was a black one that I found on my home from school. I was asthmatic so caring for cats was a no-no. My mom asked our helper to bring the cat to the next two roads hoping that it would not find it’s way back home. But very early the following day, I heard some scratching sound on my bedroom’s window and when I peeked to check, it was my Muning! My mom admired what Muning did, finding her way back to our house and so she was welcomed with food and milk and a home and family that took care of her and her kids (and her kids’ kids and so on). I’ve cared for too many cats that I can’t even count them!  But I had favorites. One was Rico Boo (named after a best friend. Haha!) and the other one is one that I took home from the mountains after my volunteering stint. Unfortunately, his name escapes me as of now. All I can remember is that his body is so soft, it seemed that he has no bones!

Unfortunately, I had to give up my pets to make a room for a more demanding pet – my daughter! Haha! Kidding aside, not wanting to expose her to furs and stuff or being scratched or bitten, we had to let the cats stay outside the house.

I do miss caring for cats. I saw some cute ones on TV the other week and it made me want to care for one again. But that is impractical for now, I know. Maybe someday.

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