Oktoberfest Party Invitation Wordings

Sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with catchy and fun Oktoberfest party invitation wordings. That is why it is good to know that there are online shops like www.Invitations-Shoppe.com that offers the largest selection of most stylish and trendy invitation stationery cards online. Here is one cool example:

beer party Oktoberfest invitation cards

invites for Octoberfest parties

I ordered our party invitations for Octoberfest last year and  remember that the proof was emailed to me within one hour as it was a a business day. And they even allowed me to make unlimited changes for free! There is no doubt that I am buying from them again this year.

Tips When Buying Used Cars

There are advantages in buying secondhand cars. One is lessening the carbon footprint of producing vehicles. Second, it is more affordable and easy on the budget compared to a brand new car. 

When it comes to buying used cars at greater DFW area, you can count on www.autousatexas.com. With Auto USA, you get the best deals when it comes to buying secondhand vehicles. Moreover, they finance recent model (2007-2012) used cars, trucks, SUV’s and crossovers to residents of the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Now that you are assured of financial help from Auto USA Texas (that can finance damaged credit in less than hour), here some factors you must be mindful of when buying used cars.

Shop around
Be aware of the going rate of that particular year model car. Contact owners of similar vehicles and know they  are willing to sell the unit. Go to the local dealership and see if they have the same year model vehicle and ask for the price.

More mileage means more issues. There is a lot of wear and tear than can happen with extensive use. You need to check the steering wheel and pedals to know if the extent of use matches the mileage.

Signs of Damage
Inspect the car for any overspray of pain color and discoloration. See too that the color shades are the the same all throughout the car. Check the license plate for dents. Check the lock of the trunk and see if the mechanism is working properly.

Condition during a Bumpy Drive
Test drive the car and find a usual hump where you can drive the car a little faster than usual. Make sure that is is big enough to activate the car’s shocks and small enough not to speed bum the car into the air. This will show if there are some loose joints or clanking noise. Check all the gears and modes to make sure that there are no warning lights setting off. You might as well check the windows, side mirrors, switches and other parts of the car.

Right after the test drive is over, check under the vehicle for leaks. If it just water, it may be the air conditioner or possibly a leak from the radiator. Leak from the latter indicates that the vehicle is prone to overheating. Oil leaks, on the other hand is more serious and should be a major consideration when buying the car.

Where they go for repair
Cars bought first hand from the dealership usually have a repair record with the dealership. Check this out and see what kind of repair and maintenance has been done.

Check for ‘Red Flags’
Ask for a copy of the OR and CR. Recovered cars usually have their plates changed so you might want to know if it is one. Make sure too that the chassis and engine number match the records as well.

Allot a Budget for Refurbishing
Accept that whatever vehicle you buy, you would need to do some work on it. It might need an extensive check-up, tune-up or change of brake pads.  You would need to allot a budget for its refurbishing to make sure it runs well.  This will also help you know problems or parts that need to be replaced.

Finally, consider how much work the car is in for. If you need the vehicle for heavy duty tasks, go for brands that are reliable for such. However, if you just need it for daily short-distance drives, you can go for small and stylish cars. When buying used cars, you must know how to mix style, functionality and cut throat bargaining.

Rain, Rain!

The long weekend just got longer as there is a suspension of classes in our city due to a typhoon. I am happy because it means I can sleep in but my daughter is happier and it is not surprising. Gone are the days when it disappoints her when classes are suspended. However, it is exams week so she needs to review her notes and practice her Math skills. I, on the other hand,needs to work too.

Learning is Everywhere

We all know that learning does not only take place inside the classroom. That is why schools hold educational student travel and trips in order to expose our children to other places and give them experiences that supplement their classroom lectures. As parents, we are also tasked to also do just that. We can teach and encourage learning at home and even the places we frequent. For example.we can ask them to help us add prices when we buy groceries. All it takes is for us to see with eyes wide open the opportunities to teach and let our kids practice what they learn from school into real life.