Our Dates

As a part of our bonding, my daughter and I schedules a weekly date – just the two f us. We usually go and dine out together after her Friday classes. They are usually dismissed earlier on Fridays and there are no classes the day after so it is perfect for a mom-and-daughter day out. Most often, we spend our time dining out and shopping for new books for her. She has this most favorite book store that sells secondhand books and that’s where we usually go whenever we’re at the mall.

The husband and I have our own dates too. And since we are a family who loves good food, we usually dine out and shop and watch movies. Some friends encouraged us to try this newly-opened bar in the city. We are not into liquors but we sure enjoy good music. From what we heard, the bar has state of the art equipment and that they bought their great kaoss pad 3 plus at musicians friend. Since a long weekend is upon us, I am thinking of going there for our date. Hopefully, it will be a fun new experience for us.  


One of my friends enjoy creating music with his guitar and have been practicing all these years. His effort is rewarded as recently, he was invited to join a band. We’ve seen them play in a bar last week and I can say that he is indeed good at what he is doing. Talk about turning your hobby into a profitable endeavor, eh? I am happy that he is finally earning while doing what he likes. Next month, he and the rest of his band members will be traveling to another city

. That is why they have been busy checking their instruments and equipment and replacing those which need replacement. It is a good thing that only one needs replacement and he already bought a brand new pro tools 9 at guitar center. I wish that their gigs become a success!

Creative Projects for 2014

This coming 2014, one of the projects that I wish to undertake is to create miniatures. I do not know if a dollhouse is possible but I surely want to create more miniature food and maybe later, kitchen utensils. My daughter suggested that I create miniature things too for other rooms – a subtle way of saying that I should indeed build a dollhouse. And for the music room, she said that a miniature version of a tom delonge guitar at musicians friend will be perfect. Well let’s see. I surely have a long-list of projects that I want to do but it is the motivation and perseverance is what I surely lack. LOL! Hopefully, I can get a project or two done next year so wish me luck!


gratitute quote

In between our chat about depression, struggles and worries as parents, detox opiate and other problems, my friend and I remembered that it’s Thanksgiving. And even though we don’t celebrate it here, we have to remember how blessed we have been and that we are ought to be grateful, thus, we started to count our blessings. Surely, life may sometimes be tough but certainly, our blessings outnumber our challenges and problems. And for me, I am very blessed with family, loved ones and friends. They surely top my gratitude list.

Her Wish List

Now that the Christmas season is just around the corner, my daughter already made a wish list – a long wish list. It includes a lot of books which is expected, some toys, pens (she is my daughter after my own heart after all!), new set of linens and a fender dg-8s acoustic pak at guitar center. Apparently, all these rock star parties we have been attending inspired her to become a rock star! Haha! Anyway, her Dad suggested we buy her a ukelele for now and see if she really likes to play stringed instruments.

Oktoberfest Party Invitation Wordings

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invites for Octoberfest parties

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