Hello Summer!

Summer break has officially started last month and for starters, our family had a 10-day trip to the islands down south. It was a very memorable and exciting family experience that we wish to go back and visit again.

And this week, my daughter will start her cooking class. We decided that it is going to be a good activity for her as she is very much interested in whipping up simple dishes and desserts. Aside from that, cooking is a life skill and it is good that kids know their way in the kitchen at an early age.

A friend also suggested that we enroll her in a physical activity this summer. My husband is thinking of enrolling her in a hip hop dance class but that is still subject for approval of the one who will take her to and fro her class – yours truly. Hahaha!

Anyway, I have already bought her new art supplies like watercolor paints, drawing books, paint brushes and others. With her money, she also bought new books and those has been keeping her busy for almost a week. This week, her class will pre-occupy her until next week. For the next weeks, I have to find new things for her to be busy with or else, she’ll bug me to no end. I let her play with the gadgets and watch her DVDs but those are controlled and limited to encourage her to do more productive things.  

Travel Tips for Your Family’s First Road Trip

Every parent would like his or her children to see the world. Of course this could be quite an expense, especially for middle-income households, since airline tickets do not come in cheap. Here’s an idea: why not start right at home, then move on to exploring nearby cities and then towards traveling the entire country? The idea can definitely make anyone excited, but then there’s the next question: how will you do it? Get up, pack your bags and go on a family road trip.

This is an affordable way to travel with the entire family at your pace and schedule. No need to rush to the airport to catch a flight because you can go at any time of the day on any day. The convenience and the freedom to travel anytime are just some of the reasons why households are now investing on a recreational vehicle, more commonly known as a RV. It can save your family money in the long run and can cut down your travel expenses by at least 70 percent.

Get started on this wonderful family journey by finding a good airstream dealer that can provide you with a good deal. Remember to buy the type of vehicle that will suit your family’s needs and your budget. On your first family road trip on the new RV, keep in mind the following travel tips:

1. Create a good travel plan. Sure, you have the freedom to hit the road anytime, but it pays to be a little organized too. Map out a good travel plan with the best routes on how to get to your destination. Do not forget to search for alternative routes for backup in case of road closures or other unforeseen events. Having a GPS system is definitely a great help especially for first time road travelers, but if you don’t have one you can still rely on the internet, travel guides and road maps.

2. Be prepared and pack your things ahead of time. Being prepared is important, especially if you are traveling with kids. Write a checklist of the things you’ll need to bring such as extra clothes, feeding bottles, food, toys and games that could keep them busy while on the road. It is also important to have a first aid kit that contains medical supplies such as bandages, anti-itch lotion, ointments and medicine. Review the checklist before leaving and make sure that everything is ready.

3. Check and double check the RV before you embark on a trip. If you are going camping with the family, make sure that the vehicle has everything it needs in order to set up camp. Do a little research about the campground in order to prepare your RV when it comes to the necessities such as water, gas and electricity.

If you have a well-planned trip, you can stop and visit places that you see along the way without having to figure out the way to your destination. Make sure that everyone is comfortable in their own space during the trip by providing them with some entertainment options, such as movies and games.

Jennifer Sullivan is a freelance content writer for Dave Arbogast RV. Visit their website to learn more about exciting offers for your road trip adventure.

Here’s to More Long Weekends!

We’re in the middle of a very long weekend and yes, my family and I are on travel. This trip was booked by the Husband early this year and we have looked forward to this since it is one of those long weekends in the year that we get to be together somewhere. It is our first time to be in this place and it is brimming with tourists. Tourist vans have lined up in front of our hotel while there are some vehicles that have bike rack for suvs. Surely, both tourists and the locals are taking advantage of the holidays. These long weekends are really great, especially for spending time with people we love. It is a good time too, to do those things that we like doing or to try something new.

Come May! Hurry, hurry!

We have not enrolled the girl to any summer classes/ activities because of our scheduled domestic travels. The two of us have three and we’re done with the first two. The last one will be mid-May 2011 and a visit to the beach is a must. The heat in our neck of woods have been very intolerable the past days and I can’t wait to visit this place again:

And I intend to stay in the water for as long as I can!

So come, May! Hurry, hurry!

Weddings and Honeymoons at Breezes Resorts

I just finished talking with a friend and I learned that he finally proposed to his girlfriend of eight years. Wedding preparations are on its way but what makes them more excited is the gift of his parents to the couple – an all-expenses-paid all inclusive honeymoons. This couple loves to travel and I think that the groom’s parents thought of the most perfect gift for them.

Speaking of weddings and honeymoons, a great way to celebrate your big day and spend your first weeks as a couple is a Caribbean beach wedding and honeymoon. Surely, the wedding will be an experience that will be remembered not only by you and your partner but by your guests as well. It’s the picture-perfect location for the most romantic and memorable day in your life as a couple.

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Favorite Onboard Read

One thing that my daughter never fails to do every time we fly is this:
Read the airline’s flyer on safety every single time we’re onboard an aircraft. And I mean every single time. She would always reach for the flyer, ignoring her books that we brought along. I rarely read that paper myself. But I doubt though, if she understood a thing, especially when she was younger. :)