Recall: Similac Infant Formula

Abbott Laboratories has voluntarily recalled around 5 million Similac-brand powder formulas which are being sold in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and some Caribbean countries yesterday. The milk products are said to may have contained a small beetle or larvae that can cause stomach and digestion problems. A lot number on the containers can be entered online by the consumert to know if the products that they bought are subject to recall. Contaminated products should be returned to Abbott for refund.

Recall: Nap Nanny

Nap Nanny is a “portable recliner designed by a mother to increase comfort and improve infant sleep for babies colic, reflux, gas, colds, earaches, flu & other special needs.The Nap Nanny is also great for feeding twins, reading books or for babies who do not like to sleep on their backs. With no top end weight limit, the Nap Nanny transitions into the perfect toddler chair.”

However, reports on suffocation and infant death because of entrapment between the Nap Nanny and crib side prompted its manufacturers to recall 30,000 Nap Nanny Baby Recliners early this week. Reports of infants falling out of the Nap Nanny despite being buckled into the harness were also received. According to their website, Nap Nanny is not for crib use and it is intended for floor use only.

First generation Nap Nanny owners (made without D-rings in the foam base) are advised to stop the using the product and contact Nap Nanny for a coupon of $80 and free shipping of a new Nap Nanny. Second generation owners on the other hand (with D-rings) should visit Nap Nanny’s website,,  for new instructions and warnings.

Recall: Tween Brands Metal Jewelries


Recently a recall on some Tween Brands, Inc. products was made. The identified products contains

high levels of cadmium  which is toxic once ingested by children and can cause adverse health effects.

Recalled products are number at 137,000 pieces of children’s metal jewelry. It involves 19 different styles of children’s metal necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Styles and shapes of the jewelry include butterflies, hearts, heart locks, cupcakes, crowns and peace signs. Some jewelry contains the words "Best," "Friends" or "Forever" and/or "BFF."

For more information, visit THIS website.