I was able to visit an aunt last week and it was a delight to finally see my favorite nephew once again:

Jyrus His name is Jyrus and because we have similar ears, we have been taunted as mother and child. I was taking a photo of the two of us when he looked at me and blurted, “Pareho tayo ng ears!”! That definitely cracked me up!

He is the most charming little boy in the world, if you ask me. To date, he is my most favorite subject to photograph because he has the most charming and cutest face. For his age and being a boy, he is one chatter box! I was surprised and very much impressed with his antics when I saw him. He can now recite the alphabet on his own and sing some tunes. Aside from being charming and cute, let me say that he is smart too! (He can really pass as my kid, you know. Haha!) He will be turning three next month and it is sad that I won’t be there to celebrate with them. But we will definitely see him and her ate come December and I can’t wait for another photo opps.

Therese’s Great Grandma

This is our Lola Ninay. She is Wes’ maternal grandmother who turned 81 last May. We used to see her every week because she usually pays us a visit after the Sunday Mass along with Auntie Rose but a health condition prevented her from going places these days. We hope and pray that she’ll be back on her feet very soon so that she can get back to activities she like doing like attending the daily Mass and many others.

We consider it a blessing for Therese to meet her great grandparents because truly:

Grandmother-grandchild (and grandfather-grandchild) relationships are simple.  Grandmas (and grandpas too!) are short on criticism and long on love.
~Author Unknown

Our Family Photo on His Birthday

DSC_6571 My husband celebrated his birthday yesterday and some of our friends came to visit. We had fun catching up with each other’s lives while enjoying the sumptuous food prepared by my mother in-law while the kids had a blast playing with their toys and later on, on the computer.

This is the family photo that my friend Raquel took. I love that she was able to capture a nice shot of us. It is rare that we have family photos, unless I push the issue. But my husband and daughter now understand why we need to have photos together. They understand why we need to take photos or pose for photos not only on special occasions. My girl grew up in front of the camera. But as she age, she began to shy away from it. This is why this photo is more special.

I hope we can have more photos soon. And in special locations at that!

In Blue

Take a look at my grade schooler in her new school uniform:

Well it fits her fine and the she loved the color! I do not know what made her favor blue when she used to like pink (my favorite). Well maybe because of her Dad’s influence. Hehe.

Her Toys

Watching Toy Story 3 last weekend reminded me of the number of toys which Therese owns back in Cotabato City. For now, she has to be contented with her small toys that fit inside a medium-sized box. Just last week, she told me that she wants to go back Cotabato City come December because she is missing her toys.

I feel for her. She has loads and loads of toys left back there. They were too many that I decided to donate some toys which fitted inside a big, plastic bag to a center for street children. There were books too. For now, we can’t afford to have the remaining toys, along with her books to be sent here yet but I will find ways.

Anyway, here is a photo of some her beloved toys:
Therese's ToysLet me tell you, they are just SOME of her many, many toys! I usually go insane every time she gets them out and throws a “tea party” for all of them. :)

Her Name on the Sand

Last May 23, we were able to hit the beach courtesy of Ric. He is one of my BFFs and Therese’s godfather. Her first beach experience was courtesy of his Ninong Ric too, his 3rd birthday gift for her. This time, we celebrated Ric’s thirtieth-something birthday. We were with his family and some relatives who are like relatives to us too, plus JD who is another BFF and Ric’s classmate from elementary days. The day was gloomy but that did not stop us from having fun.

Therese had a blast as her Tita Lala, Ninang JD and Lola Tita patiently taught her how to swim. When she got tired of swimming, she tried building a sand castle but the sands there were not for building castles! It frustrated her so she just tried writing her name on the sand instead. Take a look:
Hopefully, we can return to this place along with Wes, even if he is water-evasive. :)