Unique Gift Baskets for Dogs

Whether it’s a dog, chicken or fish, caring for a pet is an important and memorable part of one’s childhood. This pet serves as a friend and companion. Aside from that, it also teaches a kid about responsibility and how to care for an animal.

The most popular choice when it comes to pets is a dog. Generally, dogs are friendly. Moreover, these pets are active – making them the perfect encouragement for kids to be active too. They can be taken for walks or a run perhaps – that will certainly make the animal and human healthy and fit.

Pets nowadays are as equally important as our children. Many people nowadays organize and throw parties to celebrate their pets’ birthdays. And what’s an appropriate gift to bring when you are invited to one? Of course, dog gift baskets! And if you are looking for a shop that sells quality gift baskets for pets, try Bisket Baskets. Their gift baskets are really unique. Take a look at this:

dog gift basket

Obviously, this one is for a diva dog! That is one commendable thing about Bisket Baskets – their baskets are not generic. They are customized to fit the personality of the recipient. It is a way of saying, “I have thought a great deal about this gift because you are important.” Indeed, all pets are important! And surely, you are making not only the pets happy but also their owners.

But remember, Bisket Baskets does not only offer gift baskets for pets. They also offer gift baskets for special occasions. If you area early in making your list this year, you might want to consider Bisket Baskets’ Christmas food gift baskets. They are perfect gifts for families, teachers, bosses and others.

Feline Love

My love for cats began when I was in grade school. My very first kitten was a black one that I found on my home from school. I was asthmatic so caring for cats was a no-no. My mom asked our helper to bring the cat to the next two roads hoping that it would not find it’s way back home. But very early the following day, I heard some scratching sound on my bedroom’s window and when I peeked to check, it was my Muning! My mom admired what Muning did, finding her way back to our house and so she was welcomed with food and milk and a home and family that took care of her and her kids (and her kids’ kids and so on). I’ve cared for too many cats that I can’t even count them!  But I had favorites. One was Rico Boo (named after a best friend. Haha!) and the other one is one that I took home from the mountains after my volunteering stint. Unfortunately, his name escapes me as of now. All I can remember is that his body is so soft, it seemed that he has no bones!

Unfortunately, I had to give up my pets to make a room for a more demanding pet – my daughter! Haha! Kidding aside, not wanting to expose her to furs and stuff or being scratched or bitten, we had to let the cats stay outside the house.

I do miss caring for cats. I saw some cute ones on TV the other week and it made me want to care for one again. But that is impractical for now, I know. Maybe someday.