My Brand New Sculpey Conditioning Machine

Last Christmas, I bought something that has been on my list for a long time – a Sculpey clay conditioning machine:

sculpey clay conditioning machine

I have been using a pasta machine to condition my polymer clay but sadly, it began rusting so it is best to replace it with something that is made specifically for clay. Albeit pricier, this is way better than the pasta machine. But since I have been using it a lot but too lazy to attached it on the table, one of its flat washers at its base was detached. I can’t seem to find it, maybe I threw it away without knowing what it’s for. I am now looking for a company that sells flat washers so I can replace the missing part. It is small but very relevant.

Elmo Souvenirs

Look at what I made recently:elmo polymer clayI must admit that making these Elmo-themed souvenirs was a challenge. I thought it was easy but it took me some time to finally get the proportions of Elmo’s face. But it was fun! I hope that the recipients and my client will love what I did. Next in line is miniature hibben knives for an avid collector. Hopefully, I can pull it off. I will let you know!

How To: LOVE Script Wire Necklace

love script wire tutorial
We have been looking for a craft that might interest my daughter. I thought that cross-stitching is the thing for her but unfortunately, I am wrong. She asked for some of the cords that I make into bracelets but she was too impatient to finish it. We went scouring the Net then and we found this tutorial on how to make a LOVE script necklace. It looks easy and I already have the needed tools. Let’s see if she is interested enough to try and finish this project.

Free DIY Box Template

Now that classes are about to end, I have already ordered gifts for my daughter’s teachers. I only need to come up with creative packaging and then I saw this:

free box template

This is going to be so cute with a ribbon and gift tag on top. This uses felt paper but any paper would certainly do. I can’t wait to try doing this with my daughter.

image source

Expo Kid: Ultimate Summer Activity Fair 2013

expo kid
Mommy Mundo’s Expo Kid 5, the Ultimate Summer Activity Fair will take place this Saturday, March 2, 2013 at the 500 Shaw Events Pavillion. It will be a kick-off event of Mommy Mundo for 2013 and will showcase tons of fun summer activities for kids of all ages.

Interactive activity areas will be made available for kids where they can try out crafting stations, check out the fun learning modules, music, arts and sports activities. Here is a complete list of activities for the said day:

expo kid event 2013

A minimal entrance fee of Php 20 will be collected and used for the MomShare outreach. For more information, visit Mommy Mundo on Facebook.