Supermoms’ Superpowers

Most moms I know are Super Moms wearing invisible capes and having magical powers. We moms have this one important superpower that is best said by this image:

mom humorDo you agree? I certainly do and can actually relate. We can be very sensitive and knowing when it comes to our kids, no matter how young or old they can be.


biogesic john lloydAnyone and everyone in this country who has access to television can easily understand my story.

Disclaimer: My daughter’s TV watching habit is controlled. We supervise what she’s watching and listening to. Her Internet activities are also monitored and controlled. She knows that there is a no-TV/computer/iTouch/iPad during school days. Moreover, being allowed to watch TV, play on the computer/iTouch/iPad is a privilege, not a right. Judge us for being cruel parents but then, this rule has encouraged her to develop a good study habit and spend her time reading! She loves reading and will certainly go for books instead of toys.

On with my story:

My daughter was diagnosed with acute bronchitis and prescribed with antibiotics, salbutamol and paracetamol. She has been coughing and feverish for almost two days when I brought her to the pedia. Both the receptionist and the kind doctor thought that my daughter was well, older. Around 14 perhaps but nah, she isn’t 10 yet. Anyway, we were told that since she’s quite taller and heavier compared to the average kids her age, she can already take capsules and tablets instead of the usual syrup. She was prescribed with a tablet, a capsule and a cough syrup.

Two nights ago, after giving her her medications, she got curious and asked about the medicines. I told her that the liquid is her cough syrup and the white capsule is her antibiotic.
Her: Eh yung orange tablet, ano yun? (What’s the orange tablet?)
Me: Yung orange is Biogesic. (The orange one is Biogesic.)
Her: Aaah… INGAT!

That certainly cracked me up! See, even with her super limited TV time, she was able to pick up that famous line of John Lloyd who is endorsing the product. I can only imagine what other things she will learn if we allow her to watch TV until her eyes pop out!

And yes, even with her condition, this girl can still make me laugh. She is indeed, my not-so-little bundle of joy. Smile

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