Bake a Bread

We live near a skills training school and I have been planning to inquire about their short-term courses. I had the chance to do so when my daughter was enrolled in their summer cooking class last month. I learned that they offer various cooking and baking classes. As much as I love cakes, I do not have the patience to prepare and decorate it. I am leaning toward baking breads which I think is more practical and with less fuss compared to cakes. Hopefully, they will open bread-baking next month so I can enroll. I am excited to finally learn how to bake my own bread. Yay!

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Do you have a kid who is into dinosaurs? I know one and he makes good sculptures of dinosaurs using Play-Doh. I thought of him when I saw this line of product: a set of dinosaur cookie cutters!

dinosaur cookie cutter

And its 3D! It is so easy to use – just cut out the cookie dough into dinosaur body parts then bake in the oven. Once done, slot the cookies together to make the standing dinosaurs. . There are four dinosaur cookie cutter sets to collect: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and T-Rex.

Buy here.

Free Halloween Owl Cupcake Toppers

free printable halloween cake topper

Halloween is just around the corner and I know some parents who are already looking for the best Halloween costume. Some, however, are busy preparing for the Halloween parties that they have to organize. If you are one of those who are looking for unique and creative ways to adorn your dessert table, check out these free printable Halloween cupcake toppers from Printable Party Kits. These and more are available for free at their website. These cute owls can certainly add style to any Halloween party table. It can also be used for other craft and activities.

Thanks Printable Party Kits!

Superhero-Themed Cupcakes

One of the many things that I want to try very soon is to bake something edible. I have been baking, yes, but they’re made of polymer clay. I have already bought the basic things that I will be needing like an oven and baking pans in varied sizes and shapes. I am still looking for a good mixer. I have also been looking for recipes and inspiration online. I want to try something easy like cookies and cupcakes. During my surfing today, I chanced upon these cute superhero-themed cupcakes by while reading the process to avail of a no physical life insurance (yes, I am a queen when it comes to multitasking):

super hero cupcakesThese are absolute cute! I do not think that I am capable enough to do an edible version of this but I will surely accept the challenge of replicating these using polymer clay. (Too much self-confidence eh?)

image source


Being invited to stand as a child’s godparent is very special to me. It is an honor to be considered as being strong enough to become a second parent to my friends’ children. That is why I always make it a point to attend the baptism rites of my godchildren. Today is one of those special days.

I was asked to be a pretty girl’s godmother. Her name is Ila and a daughter of my very good friend. Aside from attending the meaningful baptism rites in a nice church, it was also a good chance for me and my family to see my friends again. We rarely see each other but we talk daily. And since that is the case, we were the last one to leave the restaurant during the reception. Speaking of the reception, it was in a very cozy Max’s Restaurant with really cool restaurant equipment. We enjoyed the food very much and our time afterward. And we even to bring home a tasty cookie, not to mention cute! Take a look:

max's cookies

Make Popsicles in Seven Minutes with Zoku Popsicle Maker

Popsicle has always been a favorite by many, regardless of age. As a young kid, I used to love a trip to the grocery and bringing home a popsicle or two as a treat. Moreover, I also liked making my own popsicle though my patience as a child usually wears out, waiting for it to freeze. These days though, one can easily make and enjoy popsicles in as little seven minutes and without electricity. This is possible with the patented Zoku Quick Pop™ Maker.

quick popsicle maker zoku

With this innovative product, you can make striped pops, yogurt pops and flavored core pops at a moment’s notice. This product is available at for $50.

And here is a simple recipe for a Nutella fudgesicle which I hope to try soon.