How to: Perfect Eyebrows

As a work-from-home mom, I only get to glam up and dress up during weekends, when my family and I go on dates or attend the Mass. But some of my loots last month include some makeup stuff. The husband bought me a new facial powder, eyebrow liner and blush on. And since I have these new loots, I just need to look how to easily apply make up. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the perfect eyebrow makeup.
how to perfect eyebrows
I still have to try and see if indeed, it is as easy as it looks.

As a busy working-from-home mom, it is important that we still look and feel good. Let us not forget that we can’t give what we do not have so it is necessary that we love and take care of ourselves too.

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Shopping for Prom Dresses for Your Daughter

prom dresses One of the perks of being a mother to a girl is that I get to dress her like my very own doll. It has been fun for me, being an only daughter while growing up. A few years from now, I will be shopping for a prom dress for her but as early as now, I have asked some moms I know about tips when buying prom dresses. Here are some thing you need to know as a mom when buying a prom dress for your daughter.

- Set a reasonable budget. Aside from prom dress, you also need to pay for shoes, accessories, makeup, etc. A prom as an event can be very expensive so setting a good budget can prevent frustrations on your part and your daughter’s too.

- Plan and purchase accordingly. Know if there are special underwear requirements like a special bra for the strapless gown. Make sure that these needs are also factored in when budgeting.

- Consider and discuss her shoes. Know her date’s height and how high a heel she is considering. Know how high comfortable a heel is for her. You might also consider buying a pair of foldable ballet flats that she can carry in her bag as the evening wears on.

- Discuss how your daughter will wear her hair during the prom. Make sure that the planned hairstyle will match her chosen dress style. The hairstyle should compliment her dress’ details.

- Know the store’s return policy. Since prom dresses are highly seasonable items, some stores have stricter return policies. Thus, making a good and wise decision right then and there will save you money and time.

- Lastly, remember to have fun. This is a memorable event for your daughter and being a part of it is a privilege. Make sure that it is fun experience for you and your daughter.

Cute and Savvy Reusable Bag

To my part in caring for the planet, I have been refusing plastic whenever I can. When I shop for fresh produce at the wet market, I do bring my plastic containers (which are ice cream tubs) for fish, meat and others. I also have my reusable plastic bags with me, where I directly stash my fresh vegetables and fruits. Those bags aren’t fancy. Just some corporate giveaways from my husband. I am searching for nicer ones though, those that I can use when shopping for stuff that I don’t store inside my refrigerator. Like shoes. Hahaha! And I found this here:

cute reusable bag

Very savvy and apt, don’t you think? War on Plastic. And it can be encased in its small bag, shaped and designed like a grenade. Genius!

Look Good this Christmas Season with the Help of Shiloh’s List

“Your hair looks like a Christmas tree.”

That’s what my brother told me when he saw me last weekend. It only means that I need a hair makeover and soon. It’s been a year since I had my last hair treatment and my hair feels really dry. The hairstyle does not flatter me too and my natural waves are all so obvious. Aside from that, I’ve spotted about seven white hair. Truly, my brother is right – my hair looks like a messed up Christmas tree!

However, I have a solution for this mane problem of mine. You see, every December, I make it a point to spend a day in a salon for my hair treatments and other pampering in order to look fabulous on my birthday. As we all know complete pampering can be very expensive. However this year, I am lucky to have discovered Shiloh’s List. It is a fresh and innovative group buying website that gives only the best prices for deals on restaurants, gadgets, travels, services and many others.

shilohs listThey have a number of good deals right now but two that top my list are:

1. Complete Hair Pampering for just P999 by Rheal’s Beauty Salon. The original amount is P1,600 so I get to save P601 for a complete hair care and pampering package. Goodbye, Christmas tree hair!
complete hair pampering
2. Six Diamond Peel Facials for Less Than One from Dermaesthetique Skin and Hair Restoration Center. It is priced at P1,000 instead of P9,450. Due to my work load, I have the tendency to neglect my skin. My face badly needs a diamond peel facial for a fresher and youthful me during my birthday pictorials.
6 diamond facials

For the best deals from quality companies, make sure that you have signed up with Shiloh’s List. Moreover, LIKE Shiloh’s List on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Find the best deals in town and look good this season and let Shiloh’s List help you.  

The Christmas Shopping…

… has just began.

Since I had some spare time last Friday, I did some advanced shopping for Christmas, hoping that I will not get into cramming (again) once December begins. However, it was unplanned so I had no list with me (and we do not have an existing list to talk about since I have not made one yet. Argh.) So I just bought things that caught my fancy while thinking of kids/ recipients who might like them. That night, my BFF called and I shared with him the day’s happenings. He asked me if I found a certain jacket which he has been looking for at all of the malls he frequent. I told him that I don’t remember seeing here patagonia men s retro x jacket but he can try his luck in an online shop. Surely, he found what he was looking for and he can breathe easy now since he promised to give one to his boss as a Christmas present.

Anyway, I wanted to go out today and continue my shopping but I have to finish some tasks. I am cramming as usual. Hopefully, I will have a better schedule next week so I can be done with my Christmas shopping. Or better yet, do it online to save time. Wish me luck!

Dainty Ashley Giveaway

dainty ashley trinkets

Who’s up for a nice giveaway? If you have a daughter who loves to dress up, this contest is for you! Ashley of Dainty Ashley is turning one this month and to celebrate, she is giving away some gift certificates that let you shop at their very dainty online shop. Mechanics are very simple and you can read all about the contest on Dainty Ashley’s Facebook Page.

What’s at stake? Three lucky participants will receive Php 500 gift certificate each from Dainty Ashley.

This is a contest that you do not want to miss!

The above photo shows you who Ashley is and her huge collection of hair trinkets.Yes, these are all hers!