Let it Go by Alex Boye and One Voice Children’s Choir

If you one of those parents who are LSS-ing “Let it Go” – a soundtrack from the animated movie, Frozen? If yes, then here is another rendition by Alex Boye. Truth to be told, I don’t know the guy but I did some YouTube search (while doing a Google search about amt pedals) and I saw more music videos of his and I am so impressed! This guy is really good!

Anyway, here is the video. Enjoy!

Let it Go

Expo Kid: Ultimate Summer Activity Fair 2013

expo kid
Mommy Mundo’s Expo Kid 5, the Ultimate Summer Activity Fair will take place this Saturday, March 2, 2013 at the 500 Shaw Events Pavillion. It will be a kick-off event of Mommy Mundo for 2013 and will showcase tons of fun summer activities for kids of all ages.

Interactive activity areas will be made available for kids where they can try out crafting stations, check out the fun learning modules, music, arts and sports activities. Here is a complete list of activities for the said day:

expo kid event 2013

A minimal entrance fee of Php 20 will be collected and used for the MomShare outreach. For more information, visit Mommy Mundo on Facebook.

13 Must-See Stargazing Events in 2013

One fun activity that you and your family can enjoy is stargazing. It is fun to discover the wonders of the vast skies through reading about them and actually seeing them with your eyes and/ or through the help of a telescope. We live in a building with a good rooftop. I hope that my family and I can utilize it soon for some stargazing events. And to help, here is a list of stargazing events that we all have to look forward too this 2013.

stargazing activities 2013
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Love for the Swimming Pool

Mothers know that most kids, (if not all kids) love to swim. The young kid would not mind spending hours on the water, enjoying the swimming pool. 

Knowing how kids love swimming, some mothers would even decide later on, when the budget allows it, to have their own pool built at home. They then make sure that they have the best pool supplies such as those provided by t-cell-15. After all, it is their kids and the whole family who would be enjoying the pool.

Having a pool at home will also provide great opportunities for every family member to learn how to swim.

How to Rangle Groups of Teens at Concerts: Staying Smart & Safe

Begging, asking, pleading, crying, defying, lying and fulfilling requirements are ways teens work to get what they want from their parents. Moms and dads want to say “yes” from time-to-time without heartache on either side. Sometimes teens do hear a “yes”, but parents still have concerns for the safety of their beloved offspring. When there is a group of teens involved this concern is amped up. Taking a group of teens to a concert and deciding how to safely rangle them makes the nerve level increase.

A teen runs up to their parents excited and begging for permission to get Rascal Flatts tickets. No matter the concert a parent has concerns for their child’s safety in the crowd and environment. Parents tread on touchy ground. They want their teen to see them as cool and friendly in a way that does not embarrass their teen too much. NOTE: being embarrassed by the parents is natural for teenagers. Parents also want to keep their teen, as well as the group, safe.

Rangle Tips and IdeasHow to Rangle Groups of Teens at Concerts: Staying Smart & Safe

Image via Flickr by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos

The main goal is to keep the group safe. Parents want the teens to have fun, but they are responsible for their safety and guiding them through a safe concert experience. It is normal to have anxiety about this situation. Some tips and ideas to keep in mind are:

  • Planning and Organizing
  • Discussing and Following Through
  • Escape and Expect the Unexpected

Staying SmartHow to Rangle Groups of Teens at Concerts: Staying Smart & Safe

Image via Flickr by Stow-Munroe Falls Public LibraryOH

Make a plan that can work for everyone. Create groups that are manageable for chaperones such as only three teens. Address teens and let them know the goal is to keep them safe and help everyone have fun. Be upfront with teens and let them know any event requirements. Examples are using a buddy system or making sure each teen has a cellphone at all times! Chaperones should let teens know they will give them freedom, but need to inform their chaperone of what they are doing, perhaps getting up to get a snack. Remember to follow through with any rules.


How to Rangle Groups of Teens at Concerts: Staying Smart & Safe

Image via Flickr by Anirudh Koul

Discuss everything including a plan if a teen has trouble. Anyone can lose track of their group in a sea of people and it can happen in a second. Having a plan in place will ease the nerves of chaperones and parents. Being prepared, they know to pick up their cellphone and call their chaperone or go to a designated meeting place. They know, as well, to ask an arena attendant or concession employee for help. It is amazing how important respect is for both teens and parents.

Fun For All

How to Rangle Groups of Teens at Concerts: Staying Smart & Safe

Image via Flickr by Donna’s Eye

A little planning for a concert with groups of teens leads to fun for all helping keep them in line as well as safe. Respect and proper communication will help create a better experience. When a plan is in place it prepares everyone to handle any unexpected happenings that can occur.

Parents can explain they know what is best and the steps needed make it a fun outing for everyone. Anyone in charge of a group needs to remember they cannot control the crowd. They can prepare their group for the crowd and situation, however.

Creating a Kid-Friendly Backyard

kid friendly backyard how

                                                                image by Justin Kearns

Coming into the warm summer months encourages kids to want to play outside and absorb the fresh air and sunlight. Naturally, parents are concerned about their kid’s safety, particularly whilst playing and running around in the backyard. The backyard tends to be one of the favorite areas for young children to play, especially when they have access to swings, sandpits, toys, slides and sports equipment. We’ve provided some ideas of how to create a friendly environment to help keep your kids out of harms-way, whilst they adventure off into the backyard experience.

Secure the garden
Kids are attracted to anything and everything. You never know what runs through your kids imagination and what they are drawn to. Firstly, try and avoid having a garden that features any plants that grow thorns, such as roses. It may even be worthwhile to prevent them from having access to the garden, by blocking off the edges with child proof fencing or a gate. This will also prevent them from eating or playing with any harmful berries, fruit, bugs or insects. We all know young kids like to put things in their mouth, so prevent that from happening by securing off the garden altogether.

Keep harmful objects out of reach
Now that the garden is secure, make sure any sharp or dangerous objects are securely stowed away, in areas inaccessible to the kids. This list of items includes anything that kids could evidently cut themselves on, such as gardening tools or even a lawn mower. Also store away anything that could be pulled or pushed over, which may include numerous items, such as sports equipment, shovels or tools that may be left lying around. Avoid leaving anything that can be climbed up or onto, such as barbeques, unstable chairs or furniture. Some of these hints may sound obvious or absurd, but kids truly do have the wildest imaginations.

Maintain the yard consistently
Prior to allowing the kids in the backyard, make sure the lawn is mowed or groomed on a consistent basis. This will allow you to observe for any unwanted items that can find its way into your backyard, often without you knowing. If the grass is too long, it’s hard to identify any sharp objects, such as glass, or any seeds, stones or leaves that have blown through the wind. General maintenance of the backyard will allow early detection of these unwanted items prior to allowing your kids access outside.

Provide toys and play areas
To keep your kids focus on harmless activities, provide them with toys and play areas to keep them entertained and amused. This can often prevent your children from going off the beaten track and exploring on their own. This could include their general indoor toys, balls or activities. However, most kids like to go outside, as it’s an experience they can’t endeavor indoors. Perhaps it would be beneficial to provide them with a sandpit or swing-set to play on. Of course, always make sure that they are fully supervised when having access to these facilities. By following these simple steps, your backyard will be a more secure and safe environment for your kids to experience and set off on thrilling adventures. In addition to these steps, be sure to use common sense by securing the backyard from the houses next door and front yard, locking up the shed and of course, be sun smart, by supplying sunscreen and appropriate clothing for your kids.

Author Bio
Michael C. is one of the leading new home builders on the Gold Coast, Australia. He says that creating a kid friendly backyard is simple if you follow his four tips and your children will have a safe and enjoyable place to play.