Learning is Everywhere

We all know that learning does not only take place inside the classroom. That is why schools hold educational student travel and trips in order to expose our children to other places and give them experiences that supplement their classroom lectures. As parents, we are also tasked to also do just that. We can teach and encourage learning at home and even the places we frequent. For example.we can ask them to help us add prices when we buy groceries. All it takes is for us to see with eyes wide open the opportunities to teach and let our kids practice what they learn from school into real life.

To Buy or Not

My daughter has been bugging us about buying her a new lyre. She chose the drum and lyre group as her club this school year. While the school provides the instruments, my daughter thinks that she needs a lyre at home so she can practice. Personally, I do not think that it is necessary (aside from the fact that I have low tolerance for noise. Haha!). However, it will be a different story if she asks for a cheap epiphone casino at musicians friend. Guitar music is different and I do appreciate it more than the noise sound that a lyre makes. Aside from that, she needs to work on her Math lessons and drills every weekend. Add to that the cleaning up, playing with her toys, reading her books and making a mess in her room – her weekend is full! Where will she fit her lyre practice, eh?

Expo Kid: Ultimate Summer Activity Fair 2013

expo kid
Mommy Mundo’s Expo Kid 5, the Ultimate Summer Activity Fair will take place this Saturday, March 2, 2013 at the 500 Shaw Events Pavillion. It will be a kick-off event of Mommy Mundo for 2013 and will showcase tons of fun summer activities for kids of all ages.

Interactive activity areas will be made available for kids where they can try out crafting stations, check out the fun learning modules, music, arts and sports activities. Here is a complete list of activities for the said day:

expo kid event 2013

A minimal entrance fee of Php 20 will be collected and used for the MomShare outreach. For more information, visit Mommy Mundo on Facebook.

Printing Problems and Solutions

It seems that one of the requirements a home must have if you have school-age kids living in it is a good and reliable printer. There are endless requirements, school projects and what-have-yous that need to be made and printed out. It is one of the wisest investment that our family had.

Some years ago, we just relied on overnight printing for some of our printing needs. Once in a while, I do commissioned orders of tags and invitations and the best way for me to come up with good printed output is to have them sourced out for printing. Same goes with my daughter’s projects. However, when the need became more frequent due to her school requirements, we decided to canvass for the best printer and we got a 3-in-1 printer. It certainly is serving its purpose of making our lives easy. It is dependable and very cost-efficient when it comes to ink.

However, there still are some projects like my commissioned projects, my scrapbooking photos and others that requires special printers and papers, thus, I still outsource them whenever needed.

13 Must-See Stargazing Events in 2013

One fun activity that you and your family can enjoy is stargazing. It is fun to discover the wonders of the vast skies through reading about them and actually seeing them with your eyes and/ or through the help of a telescope. We live in a building with a good rooftop. I hope that my family and I can utilize it soon for some stargazing events. And to help, here is a list of stargazing events that we all have to look forward too this 2013.

stargazing activities 2013
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