Dreams Within Reach

terry costa
Special occasions call for special outfit. And if you are looking for fashionable and affordable evening gowns, casual day-dresses, and accessories, you can certainly count on Terry Costa. No matter what the occasion is as long as you need a a fancy and stylish dress, you will surely find what you are looking for when you visit their store. They have a vast collection of evening gowns, casual day dresses and even accessories to complement your look. If you are worried about finding the right size that fits you, worry no more. They have sizes from zero to 24. You do not have to fret about the gowns and dresses are very affordable and fit anyone’s budget.

Aside from their products, Terry Costa is also proud of their staff who are dedicated and trained to provide assistance to all of their clients. They are experts when it comes to prom dresses for the young ones and other gowns for mature clients. And remember, they have a large collection of daytime wear or nighttime gowns, be it trendy or traditional or simple to elaborate. Truly, Terry Costa is true to its motto – Dreams within reach. They make every woman’s dream come true – to look fabulous, elegant and beautiful during those special occasions.

Their store is based in Dallas but that does not mean you can’t enjoy shopping at Terry Costa, They have made their products available through their online shop, www.terrycosta.com. It showcases their different collections and provides information and answers pertinent to online shopping. The online store is easy to navigate and finding the right information and gowns you need is very easy. Moreover, their gallery is updated and you get to see their fresh and new designs. You can even track your purchase from the website, making you aware about the status of your order.

We Partied

We attended a very grand birthday party yesterday. It was the 7th birthday of one of our friends’ daughter and it was a perfect time too, to catch up with some of my friends. My daughter had a blast making new friends and participating in the games. On the other hand, I made chika with some of the friends I talk with daily, thanks to the Internet. On the other hand, the Husband enjoyed playing his games on the iPad! He has finally discovered games he likes from the app store – some I’ve downloaded for him and others, he found himself.

Anyway, we enjoyed everything in the party. I love the food and of course, the company. We went home late but we all had fun so no one complained about having a little sleep this morning. :) 

Party Pail: The 1st Birthday Party Specialist

first birthday partyThree of the major events that we are going to attend this summer are birthday parties. One of which is a first birthday party of my youngest goddaughter. As early as now, my friend is already busy with the preparations and bookings with her party suppliers. And knowing my friend, I know she would be able to come up with a fun and unique birthday party theme.

Preparing for a birthday party can be very challenging for some. However, the task can be made easy if you choose a party theme or motif. In this manner, all decorations, props, program, games, tableware, food and other party stuff are customized or based on the theme or motif. One shop that can help you achieve a unified and fun look and atmosphere during your party through their varied offers of party themes is PartyPail.com. They have fun party themes like cartoon characters, cupcakes, bears, pirates, sports and many others.

Aside from birthday party supplies for kids, they also offer party supplies for bridal showers and baptisms. As the 1st birthday party specialist, Party Pail aims to make first birthday party planning and organizing more fun and stress-free. That is why they have organized by their products by theme in order to allow their clients too easily create their own unique, coordinated package of decorations and favors.

In order to help their customers save, Party Pail also offers discount on shipping. Make your future party organizing worry and hassle free by visiting Party Pail’s website.

3 Exciting Activities for Fun Birthday Parties

birthday balloon decorationChildren’s party nowadays seem to be more fun and exciting even for the adults. People have come up with extraordinary ways to decorate a venue, run a party, serve food and fun activities that can surely keep everyone interested and happy. Nowadays, parties have themes by which everything is patterned and those make guests look forward attending the said event. Costumes, activities and even decorations are done to fit the theme of the party. People come in theme-related costumes, activities are tailored to fit it and one can even hire services of balloon decorations NYC area to transform a venue that is perfect for event.

But no matter what the theme is, these fun features can be integrated as parts of the celebration to make it more exciting and fun. They are sure to delight everyone – young and old alike.

BALLOOON TWISTING. Balloon twisting a really unique and fun activity. Gone are the days when balloons are just well, balloons! There are skilled balloon artists nowadays who can twist and create beautiful things out of balloons. They can make balloons into flowers, cars, rainbows and a lot more! These colorful creations can double as party souvenirs too.

CLOWNS. A children’s party is never complete if there is no clown. A clown can certainly do a lot – juggle, twist balloons, host the party, paint faces and a lot more. A clown can liven up a party like no one else can so make sure that you hire one for a children’s party that you will soon have.

FACE PAINTING AND GLITTER TATTOOS. Another new and exciting activities during a children’s party are face painting and glitter tattoos. Your guests will be thrilled to have their face painted with colorful characters like butterflies, cars, flowers and so much more. Moreover, glitter tattoos are just that – glitter tattoos! They are fun, colorful, glittery and can be easily removed. These skilled face painters and glitter tattoo artists can surely help you make your event more memorable.

There are lots of new and exciting activities to make your children’s party more exciting. Just ask your friends for recommendations in order to get the tried and tested suppliers. And your budget matters too! Make sure that you can afford their rates prior to booking them.

Happy party planning!

She’ll Be 10 Soon

My daughter will soon celebrate her birthday. She know that every year, I surprise her with creative ways to celebrate it. Last year, when she turned 9, she received 9 gifts every day leading up to her birth day. This year, she wanted me to do the same thing but nah, that won’t be a surprise anymore, right? I

I already know what she wants – books and a board game (again). I will be visiting the mall tomorrow to pay some bills and buy a box of tatuaje cigars as a gift to an uncle who will be celebrating his birthday next week. I might pay the bookstore a visit too to check if they carry the items that my daughter listed. Aside from the gifts, we’ll also be dining out at her preferred restaurant.

The event is two months away but as early as now, I am already excited!

Happy New Year!

How was your family’s holidays? Ours was surely fun and relaxing. It was a well-deserved break for us three after hurdling the challenges of work, school and home-based business for the entire year. We travelled to meet friends and relatives, enjoy good food and good company. We were also able to visit the beach and take a dip. Sure, there were bumps along the way like an erratic Internet connection but that was minor and it encouraged me to read four books! It sure was the break that we all needed. 

We were more than excited to come back. Personally, I missed home. And I can say that I am now ready (again) to face another year or at least three more months since summer break is just around the corner.

So anyway, I am still trying to get back to the routine. On January 2, I was able to finish some blogging backlogs. I also have pending orders that I have to make. My work area was a disaster when we left and last night, I had to muster all the courage to move in order to clean and organize it from bottom to top. Except for the big box that I didn’t dare dive into, things are spiffy as they should be. This clean and organized work area should inspire me to get back to crafting very soon.

Things are definitely looking great as I start the year. I hope the same thing for you too. Here’s to a great 2013! Cheers!