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This is sooo like my daughter! It all started when she learned how to read. At around age five, she would find it difficult to choose which book to read prior to bedtime. She would even ask us to help her pick from her 4-5 choices. She eventually learned an easy and time-tested process of elimination which is eenie-minee-miney-moo. Hahaha! This year, she learned that a flashlight is of great use for book reading if it’s bedtime and lights are turned off. She would sneak in a book or two, hide under her blanket and read with her flashlight. It would have not been the case if she just know how to budget her time properly. Aaah, kids.

But anyway, it is good that this is the only vice of hers that we have to deal with. She is an absolute book worm and when given cash gifts, she would happily buy those with books rather than toys. And that has been the case since she was four.

Therese’s Wish List for Twitterafia Exchange Gift 2012

And so our kids have finally picked their secret babies. I am talking about an exchange gift that will take place come November when a not-so-super-secret yet very-special group of friends that I belong to will hold our post-Halloween/ pre-Christmas party. We have not shopped for my kid’s secret baby yet but I already know what the special kid likes!

As for my daughter, she is a certified bookworm so here’s what she likes to have:

1. Thea Stilton and the Ice Treasure and Geronimo Stilton: A Fabumouse School Adventure. She likes and collects these series of books and would love to add this to her growing collection. The first time she requested for a Geronimo Stilton book was some years back. When I checked, I was shocked to see that this is a very huge collection of books! And do not forget that Thea Stilton has her own collection too. 
geronimo stilton and the fabumouse school adventure

2. ANY Science book EXCEPT for All About: whales, sharks, polar animals, the greatest Science stories never told.  She already has those copies. This year, her ambition is to become a scientist. (Last year, to be a chef). And she’s turning 10 next year so anything Science-related that fits her age will surely make her happy.

That’s all and thank you so much! 

Now if you are a godparent reading this post, I will make another list for you. Hahaha!

A Book Worm’s Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner and before November ends, my friends and I will be having our Christmas party – just before the busy month of December starts. One of the highlights of this party will be the exchange of gifts among our kids. My daughter participated and below is her wish list.

She is a bookworm so it is obvious that her list is composed of books. :)

  • Any Geronimo Stilton/ Thea Stilton series except for: I’m Not a Super Mouse and Ship Wreck on Pirate Islands (Geronimo Stilton), Cherry Blossom Adventure and Secret City (Thea Stilton). She already has these four books.
  • Chronicles of Narnia except for: Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Last Battle. Again, she already has these three titles.

All are available at major bookstores like National Book Store, Power Books, Fully Booked.

Thank you in advance, Therese’s Mommy Santa! Merry Christmas and see you soon! 

Sweet Valley Confidential

I remember reading Sweet Valley High pocketbook but unfortunately, like almost all other fiction books that I have read, I forgot the story and characters! It’s like I have not read them, yeah. So when I learned that the writer, Francine Pascal has come up with a new series called Sweet Valley Confidential, I became curious. It still has the same characters albeit older (27 years old). I do not know I will still find the new plot interesting as the original when I was a teenager.

Sweet Valley Confidential 
Let’s see if I can find a copy during my next trip to the bookshop.

How to Develop a Love for Reading in Your Kids

Aside from teaching your kids how to read the alphabet and words, it is important that they develop a love for reading. Here are some tips to help you nurture your child’s love for reading.

  • Be a good role model. Young children are natural imitators of adults who play significant roles in their lives. As parents, you can show your children how important and pleasurable reading is when they see that you devote time for it.
  • Find books that appeal to the interest of your child. Choose the ones that apply to real-life situations, those that are similar to his experiences and surroundings.
  • Buy quality and age-appropriate books. Choose books which contain meaningful texts and have high quality artwork to develop your child’s appreciation for outstanding authors and illustrators. It is also important that the books you provide for your kid are appropriate for his age or else, he might have a hard time reading and understanding them.
  • Develop a daily reading schedule. Each day, set aside a time to read with your child, say, right before bedtime. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to to bond and spend quality time together.
  • Encourage, affirm and follow your child’s pace. It is very important that as a parents, you provide affirmation on your child’s attempts to read. Do not rush your kid to read words and phrases which are beyond his abilities. Experts recommend that parents read to their toddlers so that a foundation for independent reading is well-established.

Post Secret Website and Books

Some of the best things in life are those that are unintentionally wise or funny. Found love letters, religious brochures and corporate training manuals establish themselves as unique artifacts when removed from their original contexts. Anyone with a love of found objects will also enjoy and books published under the Post Secret name.

Post Secret doesn’t deal with found objects per se, but they share a similar aesthetic. Post Secret captured an audience by requesting postcards with extremely private secrets printed on them. Contributions are sent in anonymously, which means people can be as honest as possible without worrying about any repercussions. It probably also means that Post Secret gets some fake secrets too, but that doesn’t seem to influence the quality of the cards posted on the site.

Many of the secrets contain little truths that have big consequences. They usually consist of one or two sentences, which is perfect for the format. Somehow, the brevity also adds weight to the messages. They are like haikus. Actually, some of them are haikus.

If you enjoy the website, then you should consider buying Post Secrets books too. They are great conversation starters. Put one on your coffee table and you’ll always have something to talk about with your friends. In addition, the organization could always use support from those who enjoy their works.

Post Secret has now published five books. Most of the entries are taken from the web site, which has been updated every Sunday for five years. Although the project started online, there is nothing like holding a Post Secret book in your hand. It really makes the artfulness of some postcards stand out. In addition, it is a convenient way to keep a record of your favorite entries instead of searching for them on the Internet whenever you want to read them.