The Local Way to Save Money on Groceries

If you live in an agricultural or dairy state, there are plenty of local ways to save money on groceries. You don’t even need a whole lot of money in advance to take advantage of a state with great climate that makes it perfect for gardening. Instead, become more knowledgeable about what can be grown in your climate and where the local farmers’ market is to get some great deals on homegrown produce, meat, and dairy products.

Grow a Garden

If you’re the type that likes to be outside and nurture things, then growing your own vegetable garden can be a rewarding way to supplement the foods you buy from the grocery store. Just be careful to grow things that are suitable for your climate so that you’ll have better success. You will be limited to doing this only certain times of the year, but if you learn to preserve what you grow by canning, it can last a whole lot longer.

Visit Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are very popular ways to get some fresh, organic, produce and support your local farmers, too. Check around to see where the next local farmers’ market is being held and make sure to visit them regularly. You can also get fresh eggs, cheese, and meat at the local farmers’ markets. Prices are often less than a regular grocery store, the foods are fresher, and you don’t pay tax.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Another option is to join a CSA. By paying for a share of what a farmer produces, you can enjoy fresh produce in season. You may end up spending several hundreds at the start of the season to reserve your share, but after that you can expect to get boxes of produce delivered either to your home or a drop-off place throughout the entire growing season. Some CSAs also offer meats and eggs.

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