A Tough Job

When I became a work-from-home mom, that’s when I realized how tough it is to be a mom. And to think that I already have a grade schooler. Nowadays, I can’t even seem to find time to even remember to apply seaclear moisturizer on my face before leaving the house because she insists on going to school VERY early. Too much punctuality, if you ask me. That is why I look forward to late evenings, when she is done with homework, nightly rituals and tucked into bed. That is the only time that I can rest and enjoy some me time before sleeping.

Hands Up!

hiding hands optical illusion
This is my hand and can you guess what’s missing? Some semi mount rings! I am just kidding about the hand (but I am serious with the rings)! This is a an optical illusion, if you might call it that, which is very easy to do. I am going to try this tomorrow and I am sure my daughter will be impressed. You can find the instructions on how to do this here. The website is in Bulgarian but my browser, Google Chrome, offered and conveniently translated it to English. However, there are images on how-to which are easy to understand. Enjoy!

My Gift for the Big Sister

When attending events like first birthdays or baptisms, I usually bring a gift for the older brother or sister of the celebrant. It is one way of making the older sister/ brother special even if the event is not for her. Soon, we shall be attending a baptism of a second child of a close friend. While I usually give a Bible for a godchild’s baptism, I just learned that her firstborn is now into puzzles. Thus, I will giving the big sister some white mountain puzzles like the one below. My daughter loves those puzzles and I know that this smart girl will also enjoy working on them.

white mountain puzzles

TV Time

When it comes to TV and video watching, my parenting rule is very simple: It is not a right but a privilege. We have been adhering to this since my daughter was young and I think, minimum TV watching has greatly encouraged her to spend her time reading instead. But she sure enjoys some TV watching time during the weekends. And she can’t watch any show or movie. Only those which are pre-approved by us, her parents and are appropriate for her age. Yesterday, we bought her some new DVDs and they are now waiting by the tv mount stand, waiting for the weekend. It is going to be another long weekend for my daughter and since she has been a very good girl these past days, she’ll be enjoying a longer TV time starting this Friday.