Traveling Wardrobe

I have been having sleepless nights and one of the causes is the travelling that my daughter and I will have to do next week. Sans the husband. What makes this trip extra stressful is the packing. Since there will only be one adult during the trip, we have to choose and pack our things wisely. It’s a different thing when the husband is with us as I can rely on two strong hands and stronger shoulders to carry our bags. We travel frequently and I get to pack our things but honestly, I am quite bored with my usual ensemble – jeans and shirts plus a cardigan or sweater. It’s a good thing I stumbled upon a blog post regarding essentials when travelling courtesy of Simple Mom.

travel wardrobe

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Following Tsh’s advice, I bought some new tank tops and girly blouses today. And since I can’t seem to resist, I got myself some funny t shirts too. During our last trip two weeks ago, I packed our stuff seven hours prior to our flight. It was absolutely stressful. This time, I intended to do the job a day before our flight to lessen the anxiety. I still have to do an inventory of things that we should bring as early as now so I can easily add or subtract those that we might or might not need. Wish me luck!