Internet Safety for Kids

Internet safety for kids The Internet is a good resource of information for kids and adults alike. It can be a helpful tool for students when researching for school reports and assignments. get in touch with fellow students and their teachers and even play interactive games. Gone were the days when students need to spend hours and hours at the library to work on a research paper. In fact, encyclopedias have somehow become obsolete nowadays. Using a computer or even a handheld gadget, one can easily access the information he needs. With the help of wi-ex boosters, he can even surf and search websites faster.

While the Internet proves to be a good aid for learning for our kids, it poses as a threat too. They can be unknowingly redirected to websites that contain pornographic materials or meet unscrupulous persons online. Thus, as parents, we should be watchful of our kids Internet activities and be aware of who they meet and what they share about themselves online.  It is important that we discuss with them the issues and threats that they might encounter. They should be able to understand that while the Internet is a fun and educational place for kids, it can also cause harm on them and the family if they are not careful.

Six Easy Tips to Make Your Marriage Work

Image by Isabel BetancurRaising kids can be both challenging and rewarding. It requires a good amount of resources, energy, effort and much love in order to raise kids who, we hope to become good adults. However, while we are busy juggling parenting, managing a household and working, we tend to forget that we are married too. We have spouses and marriage that need nurture and care too. Later in life, the kids will leave our home and we are left with one another. It is sad that when that day comes, we barely recognize our spouse as we have neglected our marriage and that person while we were raising a family.

That should not happen and here are some tips to help you nurture a good marriage.

Make time for your marriage. Prioritize your relationship with your spouse. Spend time and resources in order to make it grow. Nurture it. Find time to date your spouse, just the two of you. It does not have to be expensive, like an early evening walk or just watching sunset at the end of the day. However, if you have the resources, use it. Make him/ her remember why you two fell in love with each other in the first place.

Be happy with what you have. Fairytales are just that – fairytales. Real life relationships involve real people. Your spouse have flaws the same way that you have flaws too. Let go of the ideal relationship and ideal wife/ husband that you have been clinging on to. Instead, take a good look at your spouse and find his/ her strengths. List them down and be thankful.

Communicate. Prior to what most of us believe, husbands can’t read their wives’ mind. So speak up and never assume. Voice out your needs and wants, thoughts and expectations. Do not assume that your spouse already knows them. Remember too that women and men communicate differently. It is wise to know that while men communicate with facts, women, on the other hand, tend to communicate with their feelings. Remember too, that what you say can affect your spouse. Words have power so make sure that you use your ability to speak wisely.

Agree to Disagree. Learn how to argue in a right way, that is, to recognize that your spouse is not an enemy and you just have different approaches or views on important matters like discipline, finance, etc. You do not have to prove that your spouse is wrong when arguing, you just both have to identify the real issue, agree to discuss your views and settle for something that the two of you agree on.

Set acceptable and realistic boundaries involving family-of-origin. This is the solution for couples in order to support your growth as a couple and family. Make sure to commit to these fair guidelines in order to avoid issues involving the in-law.

Have an agreement on how to manage your finances. Combine your financial resources and agree on how to spend, save and invest them. Remember that the wife and husband have the equal say on the decision. It is wise to set aside an amount to be spent for a say, a weekly date of the husband and wife. Also, allot an amount for each spouse to spend in whatever way they want.

Four Work-From-Home Ideas for Moms

work from home

More and more moms these days opt to work at home in order to care for the family and at the same time earn. This is a good setup for those who seek more time with their kids while having a work that allows them to accommodate family time and household management. For those who are wondering, here are some work options if you wish to work become a work from home mom:

Open an Online Store. Find stuff that you can sell from your closet, garage or bookshelf. Things you do not need anymore, of course. Or you can buy wholesale jewelry at bajulimports and sell them. Alternatively, you can create your own products and sell them: candles, fashion accessories, trinkets and many more. You might also want to sell your own cupcakes, cakes or even handmade invitations.

Virtual Assistant. Virtual assistant is an independent contractor who helps a client with his daily activities. Most often a virtual assistant or VA is tasked to do administrative jobs and other specialized business services.

Blogging. To start a blog, find a specific topic or niche that interests you and think of a domain name to name your blog. And then, you have to buy a domain name, pay for your web hosting and set up your very own blog. Join networks of bloggers that share your interests in order to be updated. Read a lot so you can find good topics to share on your blog. As a blogger, you can write posts at times convenient for you.

Online Tutoring. You can open a class at home or conduct an online tutoring to foreign students. Many non-English speakers prefer learning the language, thus, online English tutorial services are in demand.

There are many other options for moms who prefer to work from home with a schedule that fit their families’ regular schedule. When choosing, it is important to consider a mom’s schedule and interest for her to be fulfilled in what she does.

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Five Practical Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day GiftsMother’s Day is just around the corner and it is one of those very important celebrations that I expect my husband and daughter to honor. While I do my best to remind them of the upcoming celebration, I myself is busy with coming up with a special gift for my Mom. Gifts for her that I have seen online are quite abundant, especially at The White Company. It is an online store that offers different gift ideas for moms. I have been skimming through their collection and here are some practical gifts ideas that moms like me appreciate: 

Bed Linens. Who can resist a comfortable and nice bed linen? It is essential for a perfect sleep and rest. Moms who work hard during the day deserve a good sleep at night on a bed with nice bed linens.

Bathroom Accessories. Function and style. All accessories that we put in such a small space should not only enhance it’s ambiance but also serve a purpose. At The White Company, there are ceramic accessories that add not only function but also style to any bathroom. No mom can refuse a nice accent for that touch of elegance in her bathroom.

Candles. Any room can benefit from an instant lift when you light a scented candle. It enliven a room and its occupants at any time of the day. Choose a favorite scent of your mom and she’ll certainly be over the moon.

Photo Frames. Moms do keep a lot of memories and it is best that some of the best ones which are recorded on photos be printed and framed. At this time and age when digital photos don’t get printed, giving a special photo in a very nice frame is a good and thoughtful gesture.

Dresses. Every woman deserves a nice dress. And on Mother’s Day, giving your mom a dress that is flattering on her can absolutely make her day.

Playing with Polymer Clay

I have been a digital scrapbooker for about seven years now and there was a time or two that I considered trying out paper scrapbooking. However, I never got around doing so since I find putting away my supplies and cleaning up after my self quite a task. But then I discovered polymer clay. The supplies and materials are relatively expensive and cleaning up is a major thing too. But it has been a happy journey for me so far. I am learning new technique and applied a few. I created some stuff like charms and miniature food which I used to make key chains. I am also looking for discount jewelry online which I can adorn with my creations.

My husband has been very supportive of this hobby while my daughter who is feeling crafty herself is my number one fan. And here are some of my firsts creations with polymer clay. They are monsters but not scary. In fact, they’re cute! And there are three of them now, I just haven’t taken a photo of the recent addition to the family.

polymer clay