Teaching Your Kids the Value of Money

There’s so much to be said about parenting styles. There is no one formula that couples can apply universally. Each parent is entitled to develop his or her own to suit his or her needs and circumstances. Impoverished families, who have lesser resources to begin with, are often times plagued with the difficulties of getting by daily. The resources are sometimes so scarce that even the basics are not met. There are instances wherein families are living on coupons, vouchers or depending on dole outs.

Parenting styles greatly influence the behavioural patterns of their kids, be it towards personality formation, education, handling finances, or even spiritual growth. There are a lot of studies proving that even if most kids nowadays find great influence from their peers or from pop culture, parents still remain to be the primary shapers of their kids’ outlook and disposition in life.

One of the most important things that parents can teach their kids is the value of money. They are never too young to learn the basic of finances. Parents could start by setting a good example! Teach your kids to save up. Things of utmost importance should come first. Most parents abuse the reward-system by justifying their incessant giving-ins to their kids’ wishes. We do not give ourselves a favour by granting their every wish. However way they see you behave towards their “please” will remain engrained in their minds forever.

Before it is too late, engage your kids in meaningful but fun activities to learn how to be money-wise. The more you show your kids how wise a spender and discerning consumer you are, the greater the chance there is for your kid to imbibe your positive attributes.

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