The Best Free Software

They say that the best things in life are free and I believe that the said adage also holds true when it comes to computer software. Here are some of the best free software that can help you accomplish your day to day tasks.

  1. NotePad++. Packed with a variety of plug-ins for different editing needs, this free software is your able and efficient Notepad replacement. It supports several languages and uses less CPU power for a more environment-friendly power use.
  2. OpenOffice. For a complete and free office suite, download OpenOffice. This software runs on all general computers and has the ability to perform various office tasks like word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, graphics and many others.
  3. Pidgin. Through this free chat client, you can connect tp all your chat networks like AIM, MSN, Ym and others simultaneously. It works well with Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems.
  4. PuTTy. Calling all programmers! If you are on a lookout for a free software to establish secure connections over the Internet, this is for you. You can utilize this free software to implement Telnet and SSH both for Windows and UNIX OS.
  5. VirtualDub. Are you an MS Windows user searching for a free software for video capturing and video processing? VirtualDub is the answer. This free software lets you trip and clean up a video before exporting it to another software for more processing.

Come May! Hurry, hurry!

We have not enrolled the girl to any summer classes/ activities because of our scheduled domestic travels. The two of us have three and we’re done with the first two. The last one will be mid-May 2011 and a visit to the beach is a must. The heat in our neck of woods have been very intolerable the past days and I can’t wait to visit this place again:

And I intend to stay in the water for as long as I can!

So come, May! Hurry, hurry!

Happy Easter!

We failed to join the mob at the mall for some Easter Sunday fun yesterday. The husband got sick the night before and we preferred to rest too, after a hectic week of traveling as a family.

However, missing the Easter Sunday Mass is not an option. Together with a brother in-law, we attended the last Mass for the day when the temperature was colder. It was in vernacular but the husband was patient enough to answer my questions about terms that I did not understand. Afterward, we visited an aunt’s place to pick up my youngest brother in-law. After a chitchat with our aunt and grandma plus a short Easter Sunday photo shoot, we all went home.

It was not an eventful day, I know. But it is a memorable one because I was with the persons I love the most.

Happy Easter to you and yours!


I worked for a long time with teenagers and young adults that I understand where they are coming from when it comes to finding their identity. It is one of the problems they have to face, among maaaaaany other things.

I understand their need to belong, thus, they struggle to become like everyone else. Encouraging them to just be themselves and love themselves – zits, weight issues family and boy/ girl problems and all, is a huge task. But since they are who they are – teenagers trying to find their place under the sun and to fit into the world, I understand, I tolerate and yes, I encourage. I can’t say that the result is always evident right away but providing them with venues and opportunities to develop self-acceptance is always helpful.

But when it’s adults who are having problems with who they are and who they are not, that’s a different (and a sad) story. :(

Sweet Valley Confidential

I remember reading Sweet Valley High pocketbook but unfortunately, like almost all other fiction books that I have read, I forgot the story and characters! It’s like I have not read them, yeah. So when I learned that the writer, Francine Pascal has come up with a new series called Sweet Valley Confidential, I became curious. It still has the same characters albeit older (27 years old). I do not know I will still find the new plot interesting as the original when I was a teenager.

Sweet Valley Confidential 
Let’s see if I can find a copy during my next trip to the bookshop.

I am More than a SAHM!

I never thought that I will become a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) until June 2010 when my husband and I decided to make the BIG move. It is somewhat weird too that it took place when I already have a big kid for a child. But still, I am a SAHM. A proud one at that!

Anyway, surfing through the WWW today, I found a really cool article that enumerated really funny (and oh so true) titles that befit a SAHM. Read on:

    1. Household CEO
    2. Masters & PhD in Patience
    3. Familial Law Enforcer
    4. Non-TV Activity Coordinator
    5. English Language Educator
    6. Playground Medic
    7. President of Waste Management
    8. Fast Food Chef
    9. Tantrum & Meltdown Negotiator
    10. Search & Rescue: Small Plastic Pieces Unit
    11. Chief Monster Hunter
    12. College Application Adviser
    13. Doll Doctor
    14. Archaeologist Specializing in Under Bed and Inside Closet Digs
    15. Teen Sex Counselor
    16. Spiritual Leader
    17. Backyard Safety Commissioner
    18. Toy Repair Specialist
    19. Art Critic
    20. Philanthropist for Little People’s Arts & Music
    21. Teenage Dating Expert
    22. Chief Drug Counselor
    23. Anger Management Specialist
    24. Toddler Tantrum Wrestling Champ
    25. Playdate Social Secretary
    26. CEO, Department of Make Believe
    27. Manners Expert
    28. Personal Shopper
    29. Fashion Stylist & Consultant
    30. Professor, Imagination Studies
    31. Sleep Scientist (work mostly night shifts)
    32. Teen Angst Psychoanalyst
    33. Captain, Soccer Mom Cheerleading Squad
    34. Dental Hygienist
    35. Tooth Brushing Instructor
    36. Keeper of Top Secret Secrets (pinkie swear!)
    37. Personal Chauffeur & Expert Driver
    38. Hairstylist (specializing in pigtails and wiggly clients)
    39. Birthday Party Planner
    40. President of (Insert Your Kid’s Name Here) Fan Club


I know you can relate even if you are not a SAHM!