Best Way to Preserve Your Family’s Wealth

Are you thinking of preserving your family’s wealth? There are many ways to do this but financial experts agree that investing on gold coins is one of your best options. 

Visit the United States Gold Bureau which is rich in useful information regarding precious metals investment. Moreover, US Gold Bureau’s professionals are always ready to provide assistance and guidance to clients through the entire investment process. They are all dedicated in helping investors make the best choices when it comes to precious metals investment. The US Gold Bureau has been America’s best dealer of precious metals and their clients come from various parts of the world.

World’s Largest Gummy Bears

I was never a Gummy Bear fan but this one is interesting:
Giant Gummy BearsThe mother of all Gummy Bears! It weighs five pounds, comes in variety of flavors and is equivalent to 1,400 regular sized gummy bears. This is bigger than a football and definitely, you can’t finish a piece one bite.

Available at at $29.95 per piece.

An Interview with Elmo

Are you interested to know Elmo’s favorite food or what he does to keep him from getting sad when his daddy is away? Watch this YouTube interview of the furry red monster adored by the young ones and the once young like me!

The questions asked were sent in by almost 2,000 people who submitted almost 1,000 questions.