Free Calorie Calculator at FitClick

One of the many popular iPhone applications among women calculates the daily calorie intake of an individual. Some of my friends used it though I was not able to download it and benefit from what it offers. I was not serious about losing weight back then. However last month, I started getting into shape and aside from fitness tips and diet plans, I also searched for an online calorie calculator. Help came in the form of FitClick which is a one-stop website for those seeking for useful information and weight loss tools like calorie counter and many others.

I learned that tracking our calorie intake is the first step towards a successful weight loss program. My calorie needs are dependent on my weight, height, age, sex and exercise level. I find the free online calorie calculator at FitClick very easy to use.I just need to fill in-in the corresponding fields, click “Calculate” and the result will be shown. Upon knowing my calorie needs, I can now choose from the varied diet plans offered free at FitClick. There are certainly many free diet plans to choose from but I need to  choose the one that I know I can stick with until I achieve my fitness goals.