Dye Your Handbags and Shoes

Are you tired of having a mismatched outfit? For the fashion-conscious, often there is nothing more irritating than having shoes and a handbag that don’t match in color. Handbags and shoes both come in an endless variety of colors, textures, prints, sizes and styles; finding a pair of shoes or a handbag that match your requirements for most of these criteria is hard enough without having to find both and make them match each other as a set!

Many a handbag lover has found the perfect style and brand of handbag and ended up buying it even though it was a color that was nothing like anything in their shoe collection. Some have sunk hundreds of dollars into their collections for items that they love but can never use because they don’t have anything that will match with the handbags or shoes.

If this story sounds like you, you should consider buying only white handbags from now on; white handbags that can be dyed, that is! To make sure that you never have to sport mismatched shoes and handbags again, now you can buy handbags that are ready to be dyed — and they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Got a great pair of shoes that are an unusual color? Now you don’t need to dig up a handbag that will match — you can make your own!
Any handbag that is made from white satin can be dyed any color you like. In addition, there are numerous kinds of ready to dye shoes out there as well, and companies that sell the white handbags often sell the shoes too. If you order them at the same time from a company that specializes in custom dyeing, they will even tint them the exact same shade for you — extremely useful for the fan of impeccably matched fashion.

Topsy Tail Styling

Some months back, I bought a Topsy Tail to give Therese’s daily hairstyle a little oomph. I do not think that she minds what I do with her hair. Honestly, it is I who was bored with the usual ponytails. Hahaha! Anyway, thanks to Aggie for giving me the idea re the Topsy Tail. It costs around Php20 at the mall and I was surprised to find this at Amazon for $69.99!
Topsy Tail

Anyway, I am getting a wee bit bored (again) with the usual Topsy Tail hairstyle that I do on Therese’s hair so I scoured YouTube for fresh ideas. Here’s one:

Now, all we need to do is wake up early so that we’ll have enough time to do this hairstyle and won’t be late for her class. Or else, we’ll have the the ho-hum kind of ponytails again.