Therese’s Great Grandma

This is our Lola Ninay. She is Wes’ maternal grandmother who turned 81 last May. We used to see her every week because she usually pays us a visit after the Sunday Mass along with Auntie Rose but a health condition prevented her from going places these days. We hope and pray that she’ll be back on her feet very soon so that she can get back to activities she like doing like attending the daily Mass and many others.

We consider it a blessing for Therese to meet her great grandparents because truly:

Grandmother-grandchild (and grandfather-grandchild) relationships are simple.  Grandmas (and grandpas too!) are short on criticism and long on love.
~Author Unknown

Look at the Sprint Coverage Map if You are Looking to Buy a Cell Phone

A lot of parents wonder what an appropriate age is for a child to get a cell phone. Years ago it was unheard of for someone younger than 18 to have one, but it is becoming more and more commonplace now. The decision really is up to the parents, but here are a few things to consider before buying a cell phone for your child.

Kids Must Be Responsible
Kids have a tendency to break things and not treat things the way that they should be treated. It is important for a kid to understand that cell phones are expensive and need to be treated with care. It is best to wait until your child has shown a bit of responsibility before buying them a cell phone.

Kids Should Contribute to the Payments
If your child wants a cell phone bad enough, they should be willing to contribute to the monthly payments. Whether this be in the form of actual money or chores around the house is up to you, but kids need to learn to work for things.

Kids Should have Usage Rules
It is easy for someone to get carried away with texting and talking when they have a cell phone. Kids need to be taught manners about cell phones and realize that it is a privilege that can be taken away.

Once you know your child is ready for a cell phone, you should consider the different services that are available to see which one is right for your family. For instance, you might want to look at the Sprint coverage map if you are considering Sprint as your service provider. There are a lot of different cell phone companies to choose from and they all have different rates, so it’s important to shop around and go with the company that has the services you want and the prices you can afford.

Starting Early

September is just some days away and if you are living here in our country, it only signals one thing: it is the beginning of the longest Christmas celebration in the world! You can actually begin hearing Christmas songs once September begins and even see some houses already adorned with holiday decorations.

Stock Xchng Image by canna w Have you started your Christmas list? I want to do something different this year by STARTING EARLY. That’s right. The procrastinator in me has to take the back seat in order to eliminate the stress brought about by cramming when it comes to Christmas shopping. Hopefully, I can find some good deals online soon so that by November, all that I need to do is wrap them up and send them to the recipients.


What are Payday Loans?

A financial crisis can be one of the most difficult situation one can face when it comes to unexpected expenses that require instant cash. It happens to many of us at one point in our lives. Payday is one week away and our car needs repair. Or our computer broke down and needs replacement. Or a family member got ill and needs to see a doctor. What do you do in situations like these? One option is to avail of payday loans. These loans are readily available to individuals in time of emergency expenses that require quick cash.

As citizens of the modern world, we can now readily access almost everything from the Internet. A payday loan is not an exemption. Perform a quick search and you will find that payday loan companies abound on the Internet. The availability of online payday loans is advantageous as it allows lenders to compare different loan companies and find out the best offer that fits ones needs easily. Another advantage of filing payday loans online is that it is instantly processed. Online processing is extremely simple and very easy if the person filing for the payday loan passes a certain criteria of eligibility Most often, personal information such as identity and residence proof, bank details and proof of employment are the only requirements to avail of a payday loan. Once the application is processed, the loaned money can be easily transferred to the loaner’s bank account.

Payday loans are termed as such because ideally, repaying the amount loaned must be done upon the next payday. However, if and when the lender is unable to repay during that period, he can ask the payday company for an extension. But it is best to repay a payday loan as soon as the lender can to avoid paying for a higher interest.

Sick No More!

Three days ago, my daughter complained about a headache on our way home.

It did not help that our travel back home took a little bit longer than usual and it was raining. She even asked me to let her sleep first prior to her review period because she felt tired and sleepy. I can sense that she was slightly feverish that night and unfortunately, I was right. The following morning, she woke up with a high temperature and a cranky mood.

I allowed her to sleep some more but she was clingy when I told her that I needed to leave to buy her medicines. After much cajoling, she finally allowed me to leave. It was unfortunate that the nearest drug store did not sell the medicine I was looking for so I had to travel farther. It was a good thing though because adjacent to the drug store is a Mister Donut store where I was able to buy some donuts for the sick girl. I was surprised to see her playing and in a good mood when I arrived home. She was happy when I showed her the donuts though I had misgivings because I should have bought the munchkins in a Dora tub instead. Since she is a girl who easily gets bored, I allowed her to play with my iPod in between naps until she has finally drained its battery!

Anyway, she was feeling much better in the afternoon with the headache gone. Yesterday, I allowed her to rest some more to fully recover though some rashes appeared on her arms after she took a shower. Thankfully, they disappeared around early afternoon.

This morning, she was finally fit to attend classes again. It’s a good thing that it is a Friday, meaning they have an afternoon off. Plus it’s a long weekend. She’ll have more time to rest and recover. But knowing my girl, she would certainly spend the days playing and playing and playing some more. She’s a kid after all!

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