Pink Zephyr

I was browsing through a Scrap Orchard, a digital scrapbooking store (Yes, I am a scrapbooker!) and I chanced upon this fabulous kit:

Pink Zephyr

It looks so delicate and it’s pink! The description says:
Scrap the most delicate and sheer looking pages with this pastel colored kit, jam-packed with 45 unique shadow free elements and 9 original papers. Perfect for wedding, newborn and communion pictures, this kit will make a stunning frame for almost any photo possible.”

My daughter will have her First Communion this year. Is that a good excuse to spend on this luscious kit? :D


In Blue

Take a look at my grade schooler in her new school uniform:

Well it fits her fine and the she loved the color! I do not know what made her favor blue when she used to like pink (my favorite). Well maybe because of her Dad’s influence. Hehe.

Discipline: The Token Economy

Now here is a nice advice on discipline, that I read from a parenting website:


“A fresh twist on discipline: the token economy. Make two lists, one of things your child is fond of doing and another of things you find yourself nagging your child to do (or not do). Show him how every time he does something on the nagging list, he gains a token to do something on the fun list. You can assign relative values, so that, say, playing with a friend is worth one token while going out for ice cream is worth five.”

This can work in our case, I think. I am going to give it a try to see.

Her Toys

Watching Toy Story 3 last weekend reminded me of the number of toys which Therese owns back in Cotabato City. For now, she has to be contented with her small toys that fit inside a medium-sized box. Just last week, she told me that she wants to go back Cotabato City come December because she is missing her toys.

I feel for her. She has loads and loads of toys left back there. They were too many that I decided to donate some toys which fitted inside a big, plastic bag to a center for street children. There were books too. For now, we can’t afford to have the remaining toys, along with her books to be sent here yet but I will find ways.

Anyway, here is a photo of some her beloved toys:
Therese's ToysLet me tell you, they are just SOME of her many, many toys! I usually go insane every time she gets them out and throws a “tea party” for all of them. :)

Nail Painting

sav[6] My daughter loves girly stuff. I introduced her to nail polish when she was confined in a hospital some years back. It was a way to amuse her and myself too. Those days, she favored orange and pink. But in this photo, it is a very reddish red – a color I actually bought for myself which I liked seeing on her cute little toenails. It was a good thing that she agreed on letting me apply it on them (as if she had a choice. Haha!)

Anyway, her color preference has changed now and she was bugging me to buy a bottle of blue nail polish. We have not done this nail painting bonding activity as mom and daughter for quite some time now too. Hopefully, we can find time once we get settled in here.