Grocery-Shopping Tips

Most of us, moms and dads do grocery-shopping on a regular basis. It helps to know some helpful tips to help us all make the experience more cost and time efficient. These tips are from Leo Babauta of zenhabits.

  1. Always go with a list.
  2. Plan out a weekly menu.
  3. Don’t go when you’re hungry.
  4. Have a budget.
  5. Do a rough running tally.
  6. Keep a list on your fridge, and write things down immediately.
  7. Make a pantry checklist.
  8. Keep things stocked for quick-n-easy meals.
  9. Buy in bulk when it makes sense.
  10. Keep your receipts, then enter into a spreadsheet.
  11. Buy frozen veggies.
  12. When you’re running low, write it down.
  13. Cut back on meat.
  14. Pack your own lunch snacks.
  15. Make leftovers for lunch.
  16. Cook a lot, then freeze.
  17. Always have batteries, toilet tissue and light bulbs.
  18. Try crock pot dinners.
  19. Clip coupons.
  20. Only use coupons for items you were already planning to buy.
  21. Look for specials.
  22. Try the store brands.
  23. Cut back on your “one-item” trips.
  24. Sugar cereals are a bad buy.
  25. Be watchful at the register.
  26. When there’s a sale, stock up.
  27. Comparison shop.
  28. Go during slow times.
  29. Know when the store stocks its fresh fruits and veggies.
  30. Plan one big trip a month for bulk staples.
  31. Avoid trips to the corner store.
  32. Try co-ops.
  33. Consider shopping at two stores.
  34. Think deep freeze.
  35. Use everything possible.
  36. Don’t waste leftovers.
  37. Don’t buy junk food (or buy as little as possible).
  38. Rain check.
  39. Go when the kids are in school.
  40. Go for whole foods.
  41. Read labels.
  42. Clean out your fridge.
  43. Stick to your list.
  44. Use store savings cards.
  45. Cut back on your restaurant eating.
  46. Avoid frozen dinners or prepared entrees.
  47. Drink water.
  48. Prepare your grocery list by aisle.
  49. Get cloth grocery bags.
  50. Pack healthy snacks for the kids.

Feline Love

My love for cats began when I was in grade school. My very first kitten was a black one that I found on my home from school. I was asthmatic so caring for cats was a no-no. My mom asked our helper to bring the cat to the next two roads hoping that it would not find it’s way back home. But very early the following day, I heard some scratching sound on my bedroom’s window and when I peeked to check, it was my Muning! My mom admired what Muning did, finding her way back to our house and so she was welcomed with food and milk and a home and family that took care of her and her kids (and her kids’ kids and so on). I’ve cared for too many cats that I can’t even count them!  But I had favorites. One was Rico Boo (named after a best friend. Haha!) and the other one is one that I took home from the mountains after my volunteering stint. Unfortunately, his name escapes me as of now. All I can remember is that his body is so soft, it seemed that he has no bones!

Unfortunately, I had to give up my pets to make a room for a more demanding pet – my daughter! Haha! Kidding aside, not wanting to expose her to furs and stuff or being scratched or bitten, we had to let the cats stay outside the house.

I do miss caring for cats. I saw some cute ones on TV the other week and it made me want to care for one again. But that is impractical for now, I know. Maybe someday.

Noto Personal Organizer Software

Noto Personal Organizer Software Being a mother entails a lot of responsibility. We all know that by now. With our busy schedules, we should definitely find time to address the needs and meet the schedules of our little ones especially when they are already in school. It’s a good thing that technology helps us juggle our daily activities. One helpful application I found thru a friend is called Noto Personal Organizer Software. For $39, you can get to use an organizer that can move around your desktop. There are various options to view your days, weeks or months. You can highlight events, set an alarm, take note of projects, classes and more. There are even embedded gadgets like calculator, mp3 player and a game. You can even customize its cover design, icons, gadget designs and maps. Download a 30-day free trial at their website.

My Other Kids

IMG_0729 copy[6] Last month, I was privileged to accompany these fine and talented gentlemen to Davao City for their final press work prior to the release of our school paper. They are some of our campus journalists. I am proud of these young gents. They have worked so hard just to finish what was needed to be accomplished. They knew when to have fun and that is once their tasks are done! We pigged out, watched a movie and sang their hearts out in a videoke bar. We went home feeling proud of what we accomplished and at the same time rewarded for a job well-done.

My Big “Kids”

I am employed in a university though I am on leave for a year. For many friends, they get quite surprised when I talk to them about my “kids” and then later realize that I was actually talking about college students. Yes, they are kids to me! Basically because they are younger. That’s why they’re kids. Haha!

I have few kids who are close to my heart. They are like my kids, big kids at that and they know that they have a mom in me. Most are student leaders (because I work with them) and are very dependable and responsible. And they know that they have my support in whatever plans that they have, the activities that they have implemented for their constituents. There were countless trials along the way. I wept with them in failures and celebrated with them in successes. And they were not spared from being reprimanded when needed though it rarely happened. There were times when they needed a gentle push to get things done. But there are times when the gentle push doesn’t work so it turned into a shove. Haha!

It is both bitter and sweet that many of them have graduated last month. But some of them are returning for a some transactions and they never fail to see me at work. Yesterday was no exception. They came in a group and we had a very delightful conversation and updating on how they have been with their review sessions. After office, we all went to Jollibee for dinner. Anyway, here is a photo of my two most faves. (Ssshh… Do not tell the others. Haha!)
I pray and hope that they will succeed in their plans and that they will use their God-given talents to create a positive impact in the society. I know they will.