Let it Go by Alex Boye and One Voice Children’s Choir

If you one of those parents who are LSS-ing “Let it Go” – a soundtrack from the animated movie, Frozen? If yes, then here is another rendition by Alex Boye. Truth to be told, I don’t know the guy but I did some YouTube search (while doing a Google search about amt pedals) and I saw more music videos of his and I am so impressed! This guy is really good!

Anyway, here is the video. Enjoy!

Let it Go

Gift for Valentine’s Day

It is the first day of February and love is in the air! Most shops now changed their displays honoring Valentine’s Day. For some, this is no big celebration but for many, the day is such a big deal. For those who looking for something to give their lady love, they can try the usual chocolates and flowers. But if you want a more  meaningful gift, consider scott kay jewelry. They are unique and timeless and classy. It is something that women would want to have. It is a practical gift too, since unlike flowers, they do not wilt. I would certainly want to have a scott kay jewelry this Valentine’s Day.

Our Dates

As a part of our bonding, my daughter and I schedules a weekly date – just the two f us. We usually go and dine out together after her Friday classes. They are usually dismissed earlier on Fridays and there are no classes the day after so it is perfect for a mom-and-daughter day out. Most often, we spend our time dining out and shopping for new books for her. She has this most favorite book store that sells secondhand books and that’s where we usually go whenever we’re at the mall.

The husband and I have our own dates too. And since we are a family who loves good food, we usually dine out and shop and watch movies. Some friends encouraged us to try this newly-opened bar in the city. We are not into liquors but we sure enjoy good music. From what we heard, the bar has state of the art equipment and that they bought their great kaoss pad 3 plus at musicians friend. Since a long weekend is upon us, I am thinking of going there for our date. Hopefully, it will be a fun new experience for us.  


One of my friends enjoy creating music with his guitar and have been practicing all these years. His effort is rewarded as recently, he was invited to join a band. We’ve seen them play in a bar last week and I can say that he is indeed good at what he is doing. Talk about turning your hobby into a profitable endeavor, eh? I am happy that he is finally earning while doing what he likes. Next month, he and the rest of his band members will be traveling to another city

. That is why they have been busy checking their instruments and equipment and replacing those which need replacement. It is a good thing that only one needs replacement and he already bought a brand new pro tools 9 at guitar center. I wish that their gigs become a success!

My Brand New Sculpey Conditioning Machine

Last Christmas, I bought something that has been on my list for a long time – a Sculpey clay conditioning machine:

sculpey clay conditioning machine

I have been using a pasta machine to condition my polymer clay but sadly, it began rusting so it is best to replace it with something that is made specifically for clay. Albeit pricier, this is way better than the pasta machine. But since I have been using it a lot but too lazy to attached it on the table, one of its flat washers at its base was detached. I can’t seem to find it, maybe I threw it away without knowing what it’s for. I am now looking for a company that sells flat washers so I can replace the missing part. It is small but very relevant.

How to: Perfect Eyebrows

As a work-from-home mom, I only get to glam up and dress up during weekends, when my family and I go on dates or attend the Mass. But some of my loots last month include some makeup stuff. The husband bought me a new facial powder, eyebrow liner and blush on. And since I have these new loots, I just need to look how to easily apply make up. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the perfect eyebrow makeup.
how to perfect eyebrows
I still have to try and see if indeed, it is as easy as it looks.

As a busy working-from-home mom, it is important that we still look and feel good. Let us not forget that we can’t give what we do not have so it is necessary that we love and take care of ourselves too.

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